Black 7: The Unauthorized Black Panther Soundtrack

Featuring Apostle A.P. with all production by Dat Dude Binz. Bonus Track: Black Privilege by ReaLife feat. DIP and B.L.E.S.S.E.D. [Produced by: Thurge]

M.A.T.H. Vol. 1 (2018)

Features include Supastition, Apostle A.P., ReaLife, Medic, Samson and Precyce Politix. Production from Dee Lin, Dat Dude Binz, Planet Asia, Lex of LexZyne Productions, Watkinz Da General, Truss One, and Frost the Realest.

Open Bar (2017)

Cover Art by WeLivIt Ent.

Features from Apostle A.P., Stuey P. Netwon, Frost-N-Gunnz, and Kanvas Musik. All songs produced by Dat Dude Binz.

Kwest 4 Greatness  (2016)

Cover Art by Rem Steel

Feature appearance by Street Poet Monte Smith. All songs produced by Kwest.

Shooting Starz ep (2014)

Cover Art by Kam Moye

Features from Apostle A.P., Ghost Dog, Rem Steel and more. All songs produced by Truss One.

Halo-Graphik (2012)

Cover Art by Choked Up Graphics Halo-Graphik

Features from Apostle A.P., Azon Blaze, Ty Bru and more. Production by Kwest, Apostle A.P., Devaron, and more.

Born wit' Less (2010)

Cover Art by Choked Up Graphics

Features from Supastition, Apostle A.P., Arsun F!st, K-Hill and more. Production by Tranzformer, Truss One, K-Hill and more.

Ridin' High  (2008)

Cover Art by Sire Music Group

Features from Supastition, Apostle A.P., and Equinox. Production by Keelay, Midi.Marc, and more.